Planetango 19

Spend this autumn in MOSCOW!
Dear tangueros from all over the world,

We are extremely delighted to invite you to Planetango XIX to Moscow, Russia!

The Grand Maestros of the Festival are:

Mariano Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda
Ruben Veliz & Sabrina Veliz
Fernando Sanchez & Ariadna Naveira

Along with sharing their workshops, group classes and shows, these artists will spend with us a long 5 days & nights weekend, dancing altogether at the Gala-Show on November, 6.

Live music at the festival is provided by marvellous Tango en Vivo Orchestra - and soon we`ll present you the DJs!

The 19-th edition - which is more than 9 years of precise work and lovely tangos! - will take place in the new Planetango Club venue - a recently opened 460m dancefloor & tango studio, which we are so happy to present to you.

Looking forward to seeing you, dancing, learning and enjoying Moscow together,
Yours Planetango XIX team.
Tangofestivals Worldwide